An air conditioning system requires regular air conditioning maintenance. To ensure its longevity, and reduce equipment failure, so an audit of your facility once a year is recommended.

Our company carries out:

  • audit and general control of internal and external units.
  • verification of attachments and supports.
  • circuit verification refrigerated temperatures and pressures.
  • verification of the proper regulations, safety systems and automation.
  • cleaning (to) filter (s).
  • dusting and cleaning of internal and external units.
  • dusting of (the) case (s) electric (s) and tightening connections.
  • verifying the proper operation of the humidifier, if any.
  • Verification of condensate water drainage and cleaning the drain pan.
  • sanitizing evaporators and filters using disinfectant bactericidal.
  • control seals, etc..
  • verifying the proper operation and condition of machinery.
  • comparison between the values in operation and the reference values.

We offer air conditioning maintenance contracts tailored to your installations.

The air conditioning maintenance contract is established to optimize the use of equipment, minimizing the risk of interruption of operation. It includes a preventive visit per year, which will be done at the request of the officer.