An important and necessary because the ducts may become clogged and ill remove air from the rooms. It is clear that clean air ducts regularly. Duct cleaning is performed, based on the inspection and may also be necessary to disinfect the duct system or apply a coating after work.

Critical areas that must be controlled are the registers valves, regulators and the places where the ducts vary in size.

Methods of duct cleaning:

- Manual

- Compressed air

- Brushes

- Robotics

- Coating, Disinfection

- After – Cleaning

Inspection after cleaning the ducts are:

Visual inspection

Video, photo

Control airflow

Pressure measurement

Fan power

To clean the ducts, different types of cleaning equipment may be used. The choice of equipment depends on the dimensions of the sheath, the importance and nature of fouling.

Duct cleaning is supervised by experienced professionals. We follow the cleaning procedures that have proven themselves.