The degreasing systems, stale air, mists and cooking fats, including fans and heat recovery potential, should be cleaned whenever necessary …

Degreasing operation is more than essential for hygiene and safety, but also for thequality of your services.

The progress of a project degreasing is done by:

  • Visit local
  • Protection facilities,
  • Establishment of the degreaser,
  • Degreasing complete fume hood,
  • Cleaning of the extraction duct,
  • Degreasing the engine exhaust,
  • Degreasing and installing filters,
  • Rinsing with high pressure steam,
  • Drying and finishing
  • Cleaning and disinfection of floors and drains,
  • General control response.

Note also that to grow well-being and safety, frequency of cleaning operations should bebased on different parameters: the number of meals per day, the engine exhaust and the type of extraction, diameter extraction pipe, the method of restoration performed.