Ventilation systems must ensure the renewal of air in order to clean the premises where the man is required to stay in his professional or personal life.

The design of a ventilation requires a detailed study of local and mastery of different techniques that our team is available by considering the best ventilation and sanitation facilities.

Our team also conducts a comprehensive monitoring of the ventilation and installing a simple verification of detailed controls (limits on regulatory values) identifies a possible malfunction of the plant and adopts immediate preventive measures.

Installation ventilation should not cause discomfort due primarily to the speed, temperature and humidity of air, noise and vibration.

The installation ventilation made traps dust emitted over different plans.

The dusty air is collected and discharged through gathering systems. it is then treated by a baghouse filter.

The purified air is discharged to the outside.

We strongly recommend a servicing and maintenance at least once a year to operate the facilities.